Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's Finally Time!

We started our little adventure early yesterday morning. Several of us were a little nervous about our first time flying. Last time I flew was in 1994, and since I am not real fond of heights, I was a little nervous, too. But once we were in the air, the kids decided they liked flying. Kevin was asleep before the plane even hit the runway for take off. I thought I would have fallen asleep, but apparently that only happens when you put me behind the steering wheel of my car. Maybe I didn't get sleepy because I was so busy looking out the window at all of God's creation below. It was so amazing to see how the landscape changed as we went further west. We went over a total of 11 states in about 4 and 1/2 hours. Our landing reminded me a lot of when I flew to Jamaica 16 years ago. As we were descending, there was a layer of clouds that looked like marshmallow fluff. You couldn't see anything below the plane. As we went below that layer of clouds, all you could see was water, no land. I have to admit I was a little nervous at that point, but amazingly we landed without a problem. While on the flight, I thought a lot about God's sovereignty and how He already knows the number of our days.

We arrived in San Francisco about 1:30 p.m. We spent the rest of the afternoon getting settled into our hotel room and then walking along Fisherman's Wharf enjoying Pier 39 and the Ferry Building. San Francisco has been really foggy and about 40 degrees cooler than home. The kids really enjoyed the afternoon despite the coolness. JA chased every pigeon he could find and Alli helped him. My oldest child is known for her dry humor and stating the facts as they are. As we are dodging pigeons, she says, "they are going to be arrested for harassing the pigeons!" JA would either be ahead of us chasing pigeons or lagging behind because he was getting tired. After returning from the Ferry Building we went thru the aquarium which is the smallest aquarium I have ever been in. I enjoyed the fact that it didn't take long and it wasn't crowded. We decided to see if we could get tickets for the Alcatraz tour, but as stated in all the travel books, "You need to book in advance!" They are booked thru next Wednesday, so I guess taking a picture of Alcatraz will be as close as we get. We went back to our room, rented movies and crashed for the night.

This morning we walked to Ghirardelli Square and got our first glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge. Of course we had to buy a few pieces of chocolate even though Kevin claimed we could get it back home. I told him I didn't think our stores had some of the same flavors, so we had to have a few samples. We headed back to our car and began our journey to where we are now. Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge was awesome. It is so beautiful here. Our trip up Highway 1 was spectacular. Our God is truly amazing! Our first glimpse of the Pacific Ocean was incredible. I told Kevin we are getting the mountains and beach all in one. The view from where I am sitting is incredible, so peaceful. I am just trying to soak it all in!

After several attempts to upload pictures for this post, I am going to give up for the night and try again in the morning.


The Rutland Family said...

Sounds like you guys are having fun!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it and see pictures!! Thanks for sharing your adventures!!! Love you bunches!

lucinda said...

Joel and I went to San Francisco on our Honeymoon. It's definitely interesting, LOL. Have fun!