Thursday, August 07, 2008

Busy, Busy!

We are taking a break for a little vacation before the kids go back to school. Meanwhile our computer will be worked on while we are away. Seems like I always have issues with my computer. I will catch up with my blogging when I return.

This week we have been running around town every day for appointments with the dentist, new teachers, and even the hair stylist. We had an interesting morning yesterday. A friend of ours is studying to be a photographer. He asked if he could take pictures of the kids for a little practice. We went to a local college, an absolutely beautiful site to make pictures. We went to a spot where our friend, Deana B., took photos of the girls in 2002. As I was standing there, I thought about how young the girls were. Alli was only 10 months old. I can still see her standing on the bench in the gazebo peeking over at us. Hannah was three. I can't wait to see the new photos. And of course, we would have a water mishap while we were there. This time it was Alli. One of their poses was around a water fountain. We let them put their feet in. Alli even stood in it. She held her dress up. I helped her get out. I turned my back for one second and heard a splash. She decided to get back in to wade in the water one more time. However, she tripped and fell in, getting her dress completely wet. Our friend's mom was there assisting him. She taught me that you can take paper towels and use them to dry the dress where it will not look wet. So we were able to take more pictures. I am learning that all you can do is laugh sometimes. It's useless to get upset. I just gently reminded Alli that this is what happens when we do not listen to our parents. After my gentle reminder, I remembered that I don't always listen to my heavenly Father as I should. Funny how God uses your kids to give His reminders.