Thursday, March 27, 2008

Daddy's Girls

Kevin and the girls had the opportunity for a date night March 8th when they attended a father/daughter dance. This is their second year to attend. They went to Olive Garden for dinner before the dance. The girls love pasta, especially Hannah. We discussed the issue of red sauce on their dresses before pictures and decided they should probably choose white sauce when ordering their dinner. I think we only had a few tiny spots on Alli's dress.
The three enjoyed their night together and are looking forward to the next one. Aaron and I got to spend the evening together at the Verizon store and went home and watched Max and Ruby.

I have to mention this just for the sake of my memory. In the above picture Kevin is trying to look happy for the camera, but the truth is he's not real happy with me. He did something that he really didn't want to do for the sake of us girls--wear a tie with pink in it. You have to understand something. The suit Kevin is wearing he bought in probably 1993 or 1994 when he interviewed for med school. The tie he would have worn normally with this suit he also bought the same year. I thought it would be a great idea to let him coordinate a little with the girls and a new tie would look really nice. I found this Tommy tie that I thought the pink was very subtle. It has very small pink and black squares on it. You know, I could have bought a pink shirt or a very bright pink tie. But no, I tried to respect the fact that he doesn't want to wear pink by going subtle. Well, you would have thought that I committed a crime. Kevin got over it quickly. He enjoyed the night and the pictures look really nice. He even hung the tie on his tie rack in the closet. However, it may be a very long time before I get him back in that pink tie! Thanks Kev for sacrificing for us girls!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Break, B-R-E-A-K, Break

Today our girls participated in their district spelling bee. Kevin and I have been calling out spelling words for days now, seems like. For the last week, we have tried to use every spare moment going over about 6 pages of spelling words for each girl. I even found myself sitting on the couch between the girls, holding two lists, and alternating between the two. And since I am a "Southern Belle", my pronunciation has not always been the best. I think one night I was actually suppose to say the word "does" (as in a form of the word "do"), but I said "does" as in two female deer. If you know anything about the family I come from, you can understand why I might say this. Alli got a big laugh out of this one and so did Kevin. However, Kevin topped it all last night on our last round of practice after church. He was so frustrated with Alli because she would not spell the words he was asking her to spell. I had to talk with Alli and try to figure out why she was not trying to spell them. She told me she didn't know how. Well, Kevin decides to look at the lists and realizes that he is calling out Hannah's fourth grade words instead of first grade words. I told him, "Okay. You made her cry buddy. It's time to apologize."

This morning the Lord poured out his blessings on Hannah and Alli and their hard work paid off. There were six schools represented at the bee. Hannah won 4th place for the 4th grade bee. Alli won 1st place for the 1st grade bee. Alli's winning word was "break". We are so excited for them and we are thankful to the Lord for the recall He gave them today.